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A total of 37 organisations based in 33 countries all over the world are currently members of IAMIC, the International Association of Music Information Centres. IAMIC's task is to raise the public profile of these organisations and increase access to the rich resources they offer. In addition, IAMIC develops collaborative projects among the members and offers professional support and training. It advances the on-going development of the music sector and provides a framework for mutual, multi-lateral collaboration between the members, other music networks and public bodies.

The organisation known today as IAMIC was formed in 1958 as a group of representatives of national music information centres under the aegis of the International Music Council. In 1962, the member-organisations became a constituent branch of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML).

In 1986, growing activity and membership led to the setting up of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) functioning under its own bylaws and board of directors. The affiliation with IAML ended in 1991 when IAMIC, now with some forty member-organisations, became a fully-independent association.

IAMIC is a knowledge hub for today's global music world. The members offer rich resources relating to the music of our time. From contemporary and classical music to rock, pop, jazz, world music and all other genres: the music information centre of each country or region is an expert in all these fields.