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3 June
Public IAMIC International Conference

A large part of the IAMIC International Conference will take place at the chamber music hall of the Beethoven-Haus Bonn. In five 60-minute sessions, speakers from various fields will talk about relevant and current topics. Additionally, guests from concert halls, orchestras and music organisations will be invited to take part in the discussion.
The international conference will be open for a professional audience and offer ample opportunity for networking and exchange.

Address: Beethoven-Haus Bonn, Bonngasse 24–26, Bonn

Musical Opening

NN (Winning ensemble of the German Music Competition)



Keynote: Musical Life in Germany at the Crossroads between Tradition and the Future

About: Musical life has always been strongly influenced by exchange and international contacts. This helps orchestras, opera houses, performers and researchers to remain versatile and thus fit for the future. Today, however, increased digitalisation results in particularly rapid and significant changes. What does this mean for the music business? Which traditions are proving to be sustainable and what opportunities and risks arise from new technologies?

Speaker: Holger Noltze, music journalist and professor of music and the media in Dortmund, reflects on these questions in a keynote speech and sets the stage for the topics of the day.

Session 1: Composer Development & Contemporary Music

Panel Discussion

About: What is the situation of contemporary composers in Germany? Which effect or benefit do networks and funding opportunities have, and how does the music reach its audience? A look at contemporary music from an insider’s and an outsider’s perspective.


  • NN (up-and-coming composer)
  • NN (composer with international background)
  • Christiane Engelbrecht (International Ensemble Modern Academy, Germany)
  • Thomas Schäfer (International Music Institute Darmstadt, Germany)

Moderator: Frank J. Oteri (New Music USA)

Coffee Break
Session 2: Behind the Scenes – Orchestras, Ensembles & Programming

Introduction & Panel Discussion

About: What challenges does the traditional concert business face in a globalised world? Music is available almost everywhere, at all times, and the competition has become fiercer - not least due to processes of digitalisation. A debate on different approaches to programming and profile development as well as individuality and economic constraints.

Introduction: Musical anniversaries - opportunities and risks (Nike Wagner, Beethoven Festival Bonn, Richard Wagner’s great-granddaughter and great-great granddaughter of Franz Liszt)


  • Benedikt Stampa (Baden-Baden Festival Hall, Head of German Concert Hall Conference)
  • Nike Wagner (Artistic Director Beethoven Festival Bonn, Germany)
  • Stefan Conradi (C. F. Peters Music Publishing House Leipzig, Germany)

Moderator: Kaisa Rönkkö (Music Finland)


Lunch will be served at Gasthaus Im Stiefel, a historic tavern next to the Beethoven-Haus.

Address: Gasthaus Im Stiefel, Bonngasse 30, Bonn

Session 3: Audience Development & Music Education Projects

Presentation, Interview & Panel Discussion

About: What does the audience of the future look like? How do we bring classical and contemporary music to different audiences? What are the aims of music education projects and what are the current trends and concepts in this regard? Which approaches have fallen out of fashion again, and which ones have maybe not even arrived in Germany yet? An overview of current developments.

Presentation: Music education project of the Central German Broadcasting Corporation (MDR) / presentation and film

Presentation: Klavierfestival Ruhr - "Explore the Score"


Moderator: John Davis (Australian Music Centre)

Session 4: Music Distribution & Authors' Rights

Introduction & Panel Discussion

About: What are the tensions between (free) offerings and the compensation of authors? What effect does streaming have on the promotion of artists? Who is compiling playlists, and how established are streaming platforms in the context of classical music? Which role do streaming providers play in the development of young composers?

Introduction: Jürgen Brandhorst, Society for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction Rights


Moderator: Stef Coninx (Flanders Arts Institute – Music)

Coffee Break

Detailed information will follow soon.

Session 5: Music & Society

Introduction & Panel Discussion

About: Hybrid cultural contexts and experiences are becoming more and more normal in the world today. True, musical life in different countries and regions is still shaped by specific traditions, but changes can be felt everywhere. What effects do processes of migration and globalisation have on musical life? What are the recognisable trends in Germany and elsewhere? And: how can music help to promote integration?

Introduction: NN


Moderator: Kostas Moschos (Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics)

Musical Conclusion

Detailed information will follow soon.


Detailed information will follow soon.